Dalla Pieta

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11 Şubat 2024 - 15:08

Dalla Pieta

Dalla Pieta

Venice’s famous shipyard, Dalla Pieta, is preparing to offer a magnificent treasure for sea lovers.

The new DP 80, which will be launched in the summer, will be a breakthrough in the superyacht world. Designed by DeltaLab studio, DP 80 is equipped with Dalla Pieta’s signature elegance and luxury.

DP 80 has a design that has been carefully considered in every detail. Particularly luxurious interiors and rational furniture layout combine life on board with maximum comfort. Sea view interiors make the travel experience unique.

In terms of performance, the DP 80 is equipped with shaft drive and semi-ducted propellers, powered by dual MTU 2,000 HP engines. While these technical features provide excellent sailing in all sea conditions, structural tanks increase the stability of the yacht, making journeys safer and more enjoyable.

Dalla Pieta offers its customers the opportunity to customize their yachts. By offering a wide range of choices, from upholstery, fabric and furniture design to assembly options, it is aimed for every customer to have a unique yacht experience.

The lower deck features a large and luxurious living area with the owner’s cabin. Guests are offered two or three comfortable cabins with private bathrooms. There are two cabins in a separate section for the crew, with a total capacity of four beds.

The main deck has a strong and elegant design that reflects Dalla Pieta’s aesthetic approach. The saloon and command deck, with their electric sliding roof, offer the perfect place to shelter from the weather or enjoy the outdoors.

Dalla Pieta DP 80 promises an unforgettable experience for sailing enthusiasts by offering the perfect harmony of luxury and performance.

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